Imagine yourself looking smugly at a big sheaf of paper on your desk. It’s six months from now, and that’s your finished draft.
Yep. It’s possible. Not only is it possible, but you can do things that make it likely to happen.



Like, er, actually working on your novel. Every day for six months.
This time next year you could have finished edits, be talking to agents and be working on your next novel. Sound good?
So why haven’t you written it yet?
The thing is, even if you’ve completed novels before, there’s no getting away from the fact that they take a lot of work. Slogging along by yourself month-in month-out is hard, and it’s easy to lose faith when the first 26,592 words look worthless (hello, wall).
There’s a reason why deadlines are a writer’s best friend.
The Six Month Novel from Urban Writers’ Retreat is for committed writers who need that extra push to help them finish their next book, who want to actually sit down and write and to make the journey alongside a team of fellow writers.

Monday 5th March – Sunday 2nd September 2018