Hi. I’m Charlie. Think of me as your personal cheerleader.



I help writers do their thing by providing:


  • Time and space to forget the world and just write. I run one-day retreats in the city or longer writing retreats in the countryside or France.


  • Helpful tools and structures for writing, like the Six Month Novel and a forum with online retreats and accountability.




 What about me? I:


  • Am on an off-grid adventure, trying to live a more creative life in the woods while running an online business. It’s an interesting challenge.


  • Moonlight occasionally doing work for a flying trapeze company. At one point I did this alongside running retreats and writing a chocolate blog, meaning effectively that I won all job conversations.



Contact me

You can contact me on hello@urbanwritersretreat.co.uk or here, but here’s what I get asked about most.

Retreats are only available on the dates listed. I list dates a month or two in advance, longer for residential ones.

–  For one-day retreats, you do not need an email confirmation from me. If you PayPal payment went through, you’re booked. I’ll send you directions and a goal-setting sheet a few days before the retreat.


I run retreats, travel a lot and live off-grid with no wifi/phone signal. This all means I may only check email once a week. Please bear with me. I’m not ignoring you, promise.

If it's easier, here's a form:

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