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First drafts: welcome to the roller coaster (of love)

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Be careful what you wish for: what’s it really like to be able to write full-time?‏

Today’s guest post comes from Siân Rowland, who is Rocking in the Freelance World as a writer and education consultant (see how I’m putting the writer bit first, Siân?). Last year she…. no, wait, I’m just going to let her tell this story. But I’d like to point out though that Siân is very modest […]

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An advent calendar for you!

December 2013 Here’s a little silly little online advent calendar to make you smile while you’re procrastinating writing. What will you find behind the doors? Think festive games, inspirational quotes, useful links and free resources for writers, videos you’ll love and cute animals (because sometimes you just need to see something cute). Check back every day from 1st […]

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What kind of writer are you?

Do you frolic, freely but aimlessly, in the flowered meadows of your imagination? Or are you sobbing into your pillows after yet again failing to find the Muse in the dark caverns of your soul?   Find out what type of writer you are with this highly scientific* quiz. *totally and utterly made-up. No scientists […]

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Joanna Penn on writing a book: what happens after the first draft?

Joanna Penn is the author of ‘Career Change’ and the #1 bestseller ‘How To Market A Book’. She also writes the bestselling ARKANE thrillers under J.F.Penn and currently has 7 books on the market in various formats. Her site for writers has been voted one of the Top 10 Blogs for writers 3 years running and offers articles, […]

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10 ways to make sure you hit your writing goal

At the start of this month I suggested setting yourself a writing challenge to complete by the end of 2013. My challenge is to complete a novel draft and the first major structural review, meaning that if I want to let it settle for a month I need to finish the first draft by the […]

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A writing challenge: what will you do by the end of 2013?

Bank holiday is over, autumn isn’t be that far off, and with that back-to-school feeling it’s time to get back to work and re-commit yourself to your writing. 4 months to the end of the year… 4 months is a long time. You can definitely write a novel draft in that time – I know, […]

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Lynne Barrett-Lee says: it ain’t over till it’s over

Lynne Barrett-Lee has been a full-time author since 1996. She also loves teaching writing, and her new manual for novel writing, NOVEL. Plan it. Write it. Sell it. is released today. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. That’s how it felt for me, anyway. Fifty thousand words under my belt, the […]

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The ultimate productivity hack for writers (that I don’t want to hear)

Mornings? Ugh I’ve always hated mornings. We had to get up before 6 for our school bus and I had the same conversation with my mum almost every single morning, words I barely knew I was saying through the mental fog: ‘It’s too early, I don’t want to go to school today.’ ‘I know. Let’s […]

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Novelist Judy Astley asks: can I actually ever write another publishable sentence?

In last week’s newsletter I posted a comment from a survey I did a few years ago by someone who still gets The Fear after 15 books. ‘Often I feel I can’t write another good sentence.’ Shortly afterwards I had a message on Twitter from author Judy Astley: It turned out it wasn’t Judy who’d […]

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