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Writer’s Block Detox

Monday 2nd – Sunday 29th January 2017

A 4-week online adventure to help you fall back in love with writing



You keep making excuses. You don’t have time right now, but you’ll start writing next month/year.

But you said that a while ago, and nothing has changed.

Now when you sit down to write (or start to think seriously about it), all those great ideas vanish.


What are you supposed to write about? How can you write without any ideas?

You feel bad, maybe even a bit ashamed, that you can’t just sit down and do it.

After all, how hard can it be? Other people manage…

This is for you.


The problem is all that messy stuff inside your head.


A five-year old could write better than this


Nobody’s ever going to want to read it anyway


I can’t do this

Most writers feel like this at some point. And there’s one thing that will make all of this feel better: writing.


You know you feel better, more creative and happier when you’re writing.

Beating yourself up for not writing thousands of words again doesn’t help.

It’s like starting to exercise: you need to small and build up.

I’ll guide you through exercises that will build your confidence, help reduce resistance and leave you brimming with ideas.

How it works:

A structured programme guides you from tiny writing tasks through to completing short stories and doing 3-500 words a day easily.

Bite-sized daily tasks (5-20 minutes) to get into a daily routine that’s manageable and feels good.


Worksheets with exercises help you build confidence, mine for inspiration, develop ideas and more.

You’ll build a set of techniques and tools to help you get unstuck in the future, plus a notebook stuffed full of story ideas.

Every few days you’ll get a little extra cheerleading or an inspirational link in your daily email to help you over the humps. Plus a live group video call to chat motivation and all things writing.

It’s all online, and everything comes right into your inbox. You never have to think of something to write about, and can do the work when it suits you.

We’ll start gently and get you excited about writing again before building up slowly to bigger tasks. You decide how much you can manage; this is a no-shame zone.

You’ll feel inspired and full of possibility, more in control with a clearer idea of where you’re going and why you write.

It has been so enlightening doing Charlie’s prompts… that blissful feeling when you sit down uninspired and the words suddenly come from nowhere.

I feel like I’m developing as a writer… it’s by far the most pleasurable writing I’ve done.

Last change to join!

Mon 2nd – Sun 29th Jan 2017

£97 (about the same as a fancy coffee a day)

(that’s around $120 USD)

Daily writing prompts delivered to your inbox

Exercises to help you build confidence, make time to write, mine for inspiration, develop ideas and more.

Live webinar/group video call where I’ll talk motivation, self belief and chat about your questions and concerns

Daily encouraging emails to help you believe you can do it!

Can I buy it as a Christmas present?

Of course! If you book on/by 22nd December I’ll send you a .PDF gift voucher for you to give them.

They’ll start receiving emails to the address you’ve specified on 2nd Jan. Bootcamp takes place entirely online, so you can get it for anyone, anywhere.


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Week-By-Week Guide:


Everything is delivered to you on email, and it’s a self-study programme so that you can write at times that work for you. No scary sharing of work or marking – this is purely about getting you writing again and enjoying it without pressure.

This week is all about exploring and finding things that work for you.


You will:

Find time to write and set writing appointments

Investigate why you write, what you want to get from it and what your goals are

Start an inspiration notebook

Start writing very gently, in short timed bursts.

Now that you’re in the swing of things, this week is all about the writing.


You will:

  • Write daily, progressing to larger (but still manageable) bursts

  • Check in with your writing dreams and make them feel more manageable

  • Hunt through your life and old writing to salvage forgotten ideas

  • All this time you’ll be gathering more inspiration each day.

Time to see where those ideas could go.


You will:

  • Continue writing a little every day

  • Circle back to earlier prompts to investigate situations and characters in more depth

  • Start developing story ideas and finding new possibilities in your work

  • Decide whether you want to write mini stories or one larger story in the final week.

Choose your own adventure.


You will:

  • Decide whether you want to continue writing from daily prompts or write a longer story

  • Brainstorm ideas and work on developing them into satisfying scenes and stories

  • Be encouraged to finish at least one short story

  • Look at ongoing motivation and habits and create your own prompts for the future.

I did more creative writing in the past 4 weeks than in the previous 4 years! The timed writing was such an eye-opener.


I loved it… I have enjoyed the free writing more and discovered a love of dialogue and characters who are close the edge, either mentally or on the fringes of society


The worst thing about writing? Not actually doing it…


If you don’t say yes and start now, where will you be in six months?


In exactly the same place, I’ll bet. Not writing.


This isn’t a magic solution, but it’ll start to change the way you think and feel about writing, fundamentally shifting your relationship with it.


Because you love writing, but you’ll never keep going if you feel bad about it.


Previous bootcampers have gone over time from not believing they could ever write to submitting finished novels to agents, and being accepted onto prestigious mentoring programmes.


Once you know that the secret is continuing to work regardless, you can do anything.


Understanding the concept isn’t enough though. You have to actually do it, experience it, feel it.


You have to write.


I can help you get started for the price of a fancy cup of coffee each day.


Are you in?

I do run into my own walls and I like that the simple tools provided show me a way around them.

Thanks Charlie for your long email, It’s so nice not to have to beat myself up about writing (there are so many things we torture ourselves about).

Buy as a Gift

Writer's Block Detox
  • Daily writing prompts delivered to your inbox

  • Exercises to help you build confidence, make time to write, mine for inspiration, develop ideas and more.

  • Live webinar/group video call where I’ll talk motivation, self belief and chat about your questions and concerns

  • Regular encouragement on email to help you believe you can do it!

  • Monday 2nd – Sunday 29th January 2017 (and you’ll get to keep all materials to re-use in the future)

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