Booked a one-day retreat?

Great! If you reach this page, your booking has gone through smoothly and you’re all confirmed – you don’t need an email confirmation from me.

I’ll send out more information a couple of days before the retreat, but if you have any questions in the meantime that aren’t answered on the ‘about’ page, you can contact me on

Cancellation policy

I’m happy for you to cancel or change dates (subject to space) but they MUST be made at least a fortnight in advance of your booked date. If you find you’re not able to come after this date, you’re welcome to give/sell your spot to another writer – just let me know who is taking your place.

However, I’m not evil! I do sometimes have a waiting list, so let me know if you can’t make it and if there’s someone waiting who takes your place, I’ll be able to swap/refund you.


If you’re joining the Writer’s Block Detox

Hooray! Great to have you with us.

We’ll start on Monday Friday 5th Jan, and you’ll get an email from me getting you set up and ready to go a day or two before. If you’re just skimming in as we start, I’ll forward everything to you as soon as I see your booking and am at my laptop.

If you bought it as a gift, let us know and we’ll send that email to your gift recipient, and if you’ve ordered before 22nd December we’ll email you a .PDF gift voucher in a couple of days – sorry it’s not instant, but it’s a manual process.